Music Played On Our Flutes

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  Song  Ocarina
 The Black NagG
 Johnny, I Hardly Knew YeG
 Cumberland Crew (w/accompaniment)
 Lovely JoanC
 Bridget Cruise (w/accompaniment)
 Shady GroveG
 Mist Covered Mountains (w/accompaniment)
 A Bunch of ThymeG
 An Boithrin BuiG
 Barbara AllenG
 Brochan LomG
 By the Rising of the MoonG
 Cuaichin OG
 Hot AsphaltG
 Hot PunchG
 I Have a Bonnet Trimmed with BlueG
 John HighlandmanG
 Johnny CopeG
 Mairseail Ri LaoiseG
 Morrissey and the Russian SailorG
 Muirsheen DurkinG
 O'Keefe's SlideG
 Scarborough FairG
 Scots Wha HaeG
 She Moved Through the FairG
 Spancil HillC
 Spancil HillG
 Still I Love HimG
 The Bantry Girls' LamentG
 The Connemara Cradle SongG
 The Leaving of LiverpoolG
 The Little BeggarmanG
 The Minstrel BoyG
 The Snowy-Breasted PearlG
 The Spinning WheelC
 The Spinning WheelG
All recordings were made with Mountain Ocarinas' polycarbonate models except the following: Cumberland Crew, Bridget Cruise, and Mist Covered Mountains

Rick Handville - guitar, keyboards
Karl Ahrens - ocarinas
Cliff Schofer - Saxophone
Jim LaMontagne - fretless bass

Mountain Ocarinas Inc., 71 Hoskins Rd., Bloomfield, CT 06002, (860) 242-6626

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by US Patent No. US 6,348,647 B1.
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