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300 Celtic Folksongs for MOUNTAIN OCARINAS

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  • A wonderful collection of traditional music from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales that sounds great on the ocarina. This book is also very suitable for other folk instruments. (We specify for MOUNTAIN OCARINAS only because some ocarinas do not have enough range to play all the songs in this book)
  • Full of haunting ancient airs and ballads as well as spirited faster tunes.
  • The easiest songs are noted so that learners can quickly find songs that they can play.
  • Enough material to keep you busy for a long, long time.

Favorite Hymns in Easy Keys

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  • A book of 45 hymns with lyrics and chords in an easy to read format.

Favorite Carols in Easy Keys

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  • Nineteen favorite Christmas carols in easy to read and play settings, with chords and lyrics.
  • Chords and music are written so that a G or a C ocarina can play along with other musicians without transposing.
  • Includes a tutorial on how to play your G ocarina with other musicians.


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