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People around the world have had some fun experiences with our flutes. Here's a few...

Dear Karl,

I wanted to write a quick "Thank you" for your ocarinas which you sent for our trip to Mexico. We had a great trip!

We did a musical program in several villages with a team of 17 musicians and many instruments including 3 acoustic guitars, electric bass guitar, congas, bongos, maracas, and tambourines. We used your "G" ocarina in every song to highlight the melody so that the children could learn the songs. It was so loud and clear that it stood above all of the other instruments, even without amplification!

It is the best and simplest way to teach a new melody. The children and the adults loved the sound and would gather around to examine them and play them. Even the children could learn a song very quickly, and I would hear them later "showing off" their ability to their friends.

Since our return, I have been using it in our worship services at church. It has a beautiful, clear tone, that really compliments the music.

Thanks again for such a great little musical instrument!


Eric Hall

Pastor of Calvary Fellowship Church,
Wayne, PA.

Hello Gentlemen:

I got the most amazing instruments in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I looked at them and then hung one around my neck and immediately began playing it. I got, as you know a C and a G.

I have been making flutes (Native American) for many years and love them very much but these little Ocarinas are just as you said "Concert Quality" Instruments.

I am retired now and I go into the Mountains nearly every day. I will be leaving in a few moments for a walk in the Rattlesnake wilderness. I have decided on the G flute to wear and play today. I have a favorite rock along the Rattlesnake River that I like to sit on and play the flute simply for my own enjoyment. I am amazed at the full bodied tone quality and clarity.

Thank you for an exceptional job on designing this flute and thank you both for making them available to everyone. You could spend hundreds of dollars and still have a lesser instrument.

Congratulations and Thanks,

Papa John Manytrees

Dear Karl,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your associates for opening a whole new world to me. I am 58 years old and have never played a musical instrument well.

I think it was sometime in May that my bride brought home one of your "Student" packages from a home school event here in Houston. It was for our 11 year old son, but I picked up your lesson plan to glance through it. I was impressed with its clarity and content. I listened to the first CD and followed the instructions. Now I'm hooked. After years as a percussionist and singer on our praise team, as well as plunking around on my guitar, I can finally read and play music. It's like learning a whole new language.

I am committed to go through the entire lesson plan (I'm now on # 16) and practice daily (give or take a sick day now and then). It is truly a joy, not only to read music, but to now be able to write the music the Lord has placed in my heart.

Thank you so much for all your effort...and your wonderful instrument...


Biff Van Cleve
Mars Hill Productions
Missouri City, TX

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